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GSTR 9C – Part II

by Madhav Joshi

Posted on June 18, 2020

GSTR-9C , gst

Part II: Reconciliation of turnover declared in the Audited Annual Financial Statement with turnover declared in Annual Return (GSTR-9).

Part II deals with details of Outward Supplies made during the financial year. Following are the table-wise details required to be reported in Part II of GSTR 9C

Table 5: Reconciliation of Gross Turnover

  • This includes the turnover as per the Audited financial statements. Also the details regarding the unbilled transactions, Unadjusted Advances, Deemed Supply, Credit Notes issued after the Financial year, Unbilled Revenue, Unadjusted Advances at beginning of the FY, Turnover for the period under Composition Scheme, Any adjustment in Turnover, and such other details.
  • The final outcome in this table is Un-Reconciled Turnover which is obtained by Annual Turnover after adjustment of the above-mentioned details less  Turnover as declared in Annual Return.

Table 6: Reason for Un-Reconciled difference in Annual Gross Turnover

  • Auditor will give his views on the un-reconciled difference in gross turnover.

Table 7: Reconciliation of Taxable Turnover.

  • In this Table Turnover of Table 5 will be Auto-populated
  • We have entered the details regarding the Value of Exempted, Nil Rated, Non-GST Turnover, No Supply Turnover, Zero Rated Supplies without payment of tax & the reverse charge basis supply.
  • Then we have to enter a taxable Turnover Declared in Annual Return (GSTR 9). So we will get the Unreconciled Taxable Turnover.

Table 8: Reasons for Un-Reconciled difference in Taxable Turnover

  • In this table, the reason for the un-reconciled Taxable Turnover is given.

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